20th Century

The 20th century saw an advancement in treatment methods not only for civilians but for veterans returning home following WWII (Dickinson, 1990; Fay, 1955). The hospitalization of many individuals was followed by a wave of deinstitutionalization (Krieg, 2001; Porter, Kaplan, & Homeier, 2009). Despite a greater freedom for individuals, many problems occurred as a result.

Francis Galton’s stance on Eugenics may have contributed to the belief that sterilization was the best way to deal with the mentally ill in order to keep them from reproducing (Galton, 1865). After the theory of eugenics lost popularity, outpatient clinics became popular.  Many people believed that outpatient psychiatric clinics which allowed individuals to maintain some freedom in their lives but also be treated when necessary.   Unfortunately, this was not the case and many of the mentally ill patients actually did worse when placed into out-patient care (Grob, 1991).


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