Influence of Christianity

When looking at the Middle Ages with regard to mental illness, it is also important to look at what was happening in religion, and more specifically Christianity.  It is important to note that as Christianity was on the rise and many scientific findings from the Greek era were all but forgotten; the metaphysics of Plato and Aristotle were incorporated into the religious dogma of the Christian Church (Brown & Menninger, 1940).


Brown, J. F., & Menninger, K. A. (Col), (1940). The psychodynamics of abnormal behavior. (pp. 23-47). New York, NY, US: McGraw-Hill Book Company, xvi, 484 pp. doi: 10.1037/11534-002

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  1. I think the better we have treated mental illness, the better our relationships should have been. That corellation is missing. Why do you think that is? I also wonder how Christianity’s view of dating outside of their own faction will affect how they treat those outside of the religion?

  2. Brook says:

    The influence of christianity section didn’t give any information at all on how christianity influenced the mentally ill

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