Incubation or Temple Sleep
Incubation was a psychotherapeutic treatment which took place inside a temple and strongly focused on the interactions between the patients dreams and powers of the supernatural gods. The content of these dreams was “highly affected by the psycho-religious climate of the temple, the confidence in the supernatural powers of the deity and the suggestive procedures carried out by the divinehealers” (Okasha, 1999).

Hysterical Disorder Treatment

Because hysterical disorders were seen to be caused by either “starvation” of the uterus or the movement of the uterus into the upper part of the body, two techinques were used in order to attempt to move the uterus back to where it was supposed to be. First, fumagation of the genitals may have been used, by covering the genitals with sweet smelling substances in order to attract the uterus back down. Another method was through inhalation or injection of foul smelling/tasting substances in order to drive the uterus back down through the body (Okasha, 2005).


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