Ascledpiades was the first to distinguish between hallucinations, delusions and illusions, and he stressed the environmental influences of metal illness.  He opposed harsh treatments such as bloodletting and mechanical restraints to treat mental illness instead recommended measures that would relax patients.


Opposed to keeping patients in darkness as well as bloodletting and fasting, Soranus suggested treatments that would exercise the mind, such as having patients participants in discussions with philosophers to aid them in banishing their fears and sorrows (Millon, 2004).


In dealing with metal illness, Galen stressed the importance of observation as well as systematic evaluation, and his concept of “psychic pathology” was based on the physiology of the central nervous system (Millon, 2004), and also spoke of many types of depression.  In addition, he saw clinical symptoms as a sign of malfunctioning neurological structures.


Aurelianus believed that psychic symptoms were based on problematic mechanical structuring as opposed to an imbalance of fluid humors or vaporus animal spirits.


Millon, T. (2004).  Masters of the mind.  Hoboken, NJ, US: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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